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Quick roll back

Youth Development program began at ACCESS in the month of May-2013. The program now has 65 colleges youth scattered around the city of Bangalore.

The first re-union gathering of YLC youth was at the hill country of Madikeri at Mother bounty resort. 32 students accompanied by 2 staff and dynamic resource team under the leadership of Mr. Gracewin spent 3 days of study, worship, sharing fun and learning.

On 21 of September 2013 the students actively participated in a youth retreat at Vishranthi Nilayam. The main focus was on“Biblical Leadership” and the ways by which leaders are seen in the eyes of God.  The students enjoyed the sessions which included activities in group discussions and presenting which included activities in group discussions and presenting their themes in skits. The sessions made them think and understand the qualities of a goodleader.

The students are given counselling by their mentors each time they feeling Lonely, emotionally hurt or when they need guidance when struggling with their faith.The students feel very encouraged. The mentors act as useful tool in bringing the best out of them and provide them a solid foundation in the Lord.

The students are provided with every opportunity in bringing out their God given talents by conducting. Activities like simulation games, sessions and presentations during camps and retreats.

The students are provided with facilities that are needed for their practice. The students are trained hard for upcoming cluster sports meet.


: To disciple every young person and nurture them to be potential servant leaders in family, church and society

Youth Transformation and Leadership Ministry:

ACCESS ministry will facilitate programs for the youth in Compassion-assisted projects to:

1.Develop their intellectual, physical and social potential

2.To expose them to opportunities to enhance their social/vocational skills and career

3.To engage them in deeper spiritual formation and discipleship

4.To provide platform to understand and practice leadership qualities and skills

5.To encourage them to be responsible members of the family, community and the


6.To align towards the Compassion goals of youth development and transformation

On completion to join the existing Alumni

Youth Fellowship:

Below are the places where our youths gather for every fellowship

Zone Location of the Youth Development Participating Projects No. of

Zone Location of the Youth Development Programs Participating Projects No. of Youth
A Chellikere (ACCESS)- Youth Development – Admn Office -KCDC (IN385)-PCDC (IN388)-Existing BYTC 60,40,40
B Fraser Town (Goodwills School) -Goodwills (IN309) , -CEZM (IN310) 60,10
C Wilson Garden (LR Nagar) -LR Nagar IN308)-Siddapura (IN384) –Four Square(IN375) 20,10,20