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It is 22 years since ACCESS (Association for Community Care, Education and Social Services) has opened doors and let the future come in for hundreds of children from disadvantaged families of Bangalore, South India. The children, who live in and around Chellikere, many of whom work in the quarries of Hennur Bande, Hosur Bande, Byrathi Bande and Marenahalli, have ACCESS for education, health, and social growth, thus making their world a better place to live in. That’s why the ACCESS-access to love, kindness, and improved living. ACCESS is not just a project to send children to school. It is a project where we build relationship, mentor the children, and help them to shape their lives, so that they can confidently go out into the world.

Says Thomas, “I was fortunate to have been helped to study resulting in service opportunities. Therefore I feel confident that children if educated can stand on their own feet.”

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Quick Roll Back

In the Beginning ACCESS was initiated by Thomas Swaroop and his friends to make the quarry workers of Marenahalli Bande in North-East Bangalore, aware of the importance of sending their children to school. Says Thomas, “I was fortunate to have bee helped to study resulting in service opportunities. Therefore I feel confident that children if educated can stand on their own feet”.

Work began in rented premises at Chellekere Village which became home for vulnerable children, a school for the boys and girls, a medical clinic, and a community centre for everyone. As the numbers grew, there was a need for more programmes and space. A non-residential centre was set up at Lingarajpuram, Two kilometres away from Chellekere in North-East Bangalore. Another centre started in Srirampuram for helping children from that area

Today ACCESS dream of having its very own centre has come true. A three floor facility has been completed on 3676 sq feet of land, at Chellekere. With goodwill and generosity of donors, this third floor which will house the homeless children temporary, women-in-crisis, a Computer Lab, a Library and space for community social activities.

  • To provide a secure, nurturing and educational environment for children.
  • To encourage positive family involvement where the needs of every child comes first.
  • Develop leadership skills among the teens & youth.
  • To promote Networks and Forums where children’s holistic needs are identified and fulfilled.
  • To significantly change the lives of children at risk by providing prevention , protection services.
  • Developmentally appropriate learning experiences that focus on the-Social, Emotional, and physical.
  • Cognitive development of each child through a wide range of care options.
  • Preparing them for a productive adulthood.
  • “ACCESS will achieve the vision in co-operation with the families being served, network of child care providers, child advocacy groups, communities, organizations, government agencies and others”.
  • To give vulnerable children developmental opportunities and a sense of values and dignity

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